Large Wind Turbines Being Used More and More Around The World

Published: 14th October 2008
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As people worldwide learn more about the effects of global warming on the environment, wind turbines and wind farms are becoming increasing popular as a source of renewable energy that is capable of replacing conventional power sources. Pleasing those who are most passionate about this topic, this no longer applies only to the single user. Entire towns and even large cities are now making the switch to wind driven energy in an attempt to slow down the effects if global warming.

Wind Farm to Be Constructed in Beaver County

Beaver County, CA has a renewable energy project that can be used as a great example to other cities. They have allocated $400 million in funds for the construction of wind turbines that will power 250,000 home in Southern California. Because wind energy is so much less expensive than conventional energy, these turbines will result in a drop in the cost of power for each of the homeowners being services by the turbines. The project will include 150 turbines that stand 200 feet tall and have blades that measure 300 feet in diameter. Each turbine is capable of producing 300 megawatts of power and the entire project will be built on 40 square miles of land, utilizing both public and private property.

First Wind LLC, the San Diego based company responsible for initiating the project, states that there will be 220 new jobs created during the construction phase of the project. Post-construction, additional jobs will be created for the purpose of maintaining the wind turbines and operating the farm. These new turbines and the benefit they create for the homes they service should serve to improve the economy in the area by improving tax intake and generating new revenue sources.

UK has Largest Turbines

The UK is always a frontrunner when it comes to the development of new technology regarding alternative sources of renewable energy. Wind turbines are no exception. The UK has contributed much to their development and these turbines can be found in many, many places across the UK. However, the largest turbines have yet to be constructed. A project is underway to build 65 new turbines in the town of Powys. These turbines will have blades that span a diameter of 450 feet (137 meters) and will be able to generate 190 megawatts of power that will service 100,000 homes in that area.

The people of mainland UK are excited about these turbines for other reasons. They may become a landmark in their country as it is estimated that the turbines will be able to be seen from the peak of Cadair Idris and from Snowdonia National Park. Also, the turbines in Wales have generated quite a tourism industry and the fact that the new turbines in Powys will be much larger is expected to draw many people who wish to view them in action.

The Value of Wind Farms

Some of the benefits of a wind farm are more obvious than others, such as job creation, an improved economy in the area, and boosts to the tourism industry. Others are more subtle and less publicized, like the improvements are that are made to the areas around the wind turbines in terms of the ecosystem. Companies are increasingly making efforts to not only restore, but also improve the natural habitat of wildlife native to the area in and around the wind farms, ensuring continued stabilization of the plants and animals in that area.

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